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During spring and summer, the babydoll dress is in the spotlights. If you want to look stunning, make sure that you always choose the right fabric and length. You can match it with stiletto heels and wear it with undergarments if you want proper support. The basic thing about this dress is that it can make you look flattering and stylish or ridiculous. If you have a slim silhouette the babydoll dress is a perfect option for you, while if you have curvy hips, just choose for a longer version.

How to choose the perfect babydoll dress

Keep in mind that babydoll dresses are flowy and they can be hard to wear on a windy day. The proper length for this dress is just above the knees, but if you are a petite woman, you can opt for a shorter version. Tall ladies will look good in patterned dresses and if you have a small bust, you can choose a dress that has the top color different from the rest of the babydoll dress.

Babydoll dress with high heels

Stilettos can be a great choice especially if you are attending a formal event. This outfit is perfect for birthday parties, clubbing or holiday parties. Platform pumps or high-heeled sandals are another style that can look good with the babydoll dress. They offer stability and height and will provide a comfortable outfit.

Proper make-up and hair with the babydoll dress

To avoid looking frumpy while wearing babydoll dresses is important to wear makeup and avoid having a morning look. Wear the babydoll dress always with high heels and walk with confidence. For a stunning outfit opt for proper make-up, a stylish hairdo and statement accessories. When you have an elegant and feminine look like this, never forget about the fragrance. Opt for a floral or oriental eau de parfum, deepening on your preferences.