1. How do I become a member of StylishCircle?

To become a member of StylishCircle you just have to register on StylishCircle and confirm your account.

2. How can I earn points on StylishCircle?

You can earn points by publishing a Collage, a StyleSnap, sharing on social networks, inviting your stylish friends to SylishCircle and for pretty much all the actions you take within StylishCircle.

Read the full list of possibilities to earn points on StylishCircle.

3. How can I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points from your account by visiting the  Community page where you will find the gift cards that can be redeemed in that period of time.

Check this page regularly because we always introduce new stylish gift cards for you to redeem.

4. Can everyone see my StyleSnaps?

Yes, everyone can see your StyleSnaps, unless you have them saved as a draft.

5. How can I publish the Collages/StyleSnaps I created on StylishCircle on my blog/website?

Log into your account, pick the collage or StyleSnap you want to publish and click the EMBED button to get your code which has to be pasted on your blog.

6. Will you sell/own the photos I upload?

No, you own the photos that you have uploaded on the website and we will not sell or take ownership of them.

7. I can’t see my shopping basket or shipping info.

StylishCircle is not an online shop, it is a fashion-discovery platform, so you will not buy directly from us. We present a selection of fashionable items from our Affiliates. You can buy your favorite items by clicking on the Buy Now button attached to each product.

8. How can I get featured?

You can get featured by publishing stylish Collages, StyleSnaps and by being active in the community so that our editors may notice your work.  We are constantly looking for creative ideas and lovely images to feature, so be creative.

9. I am proud to be part of this community, how can I show off?

We are glad to have you as a member. We created a special widget for people that love StylishCircle. You can publish it on your blog/website.

You can also get rewarded for doing so. Read more about this on the Bloggers Partnership page.

10. Can I be a contributor to your Pinterest account?

Yes, you can and we would love to have you as a contributor. Just send us an email so we can add you as a contributor on our Pinterest account.

11. I have some suggestions for you, where can I send them?

We would love to hear your suggestions so please send us an email at hello@stylishcircle.com with any idea and suggestion you might have.