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Almost nothing in life is quite as difficult as finding the right makeup for your skin tone. In this category you can find anything you need for the perfect look on your face and nails. This section covers anything from foundation, lipstick, lip-gloss and make-up to powder, nail polish and top-coat from many different labels.

Gorgeous lipstick shades every woman should own

When it comes to choosing lip colors, there are some shades which are a must for every woman. We can say that the makeup kit is not complete without classic reds, stunning purples and funky orange lip colors.

Nail polish colors we can’t get enough of

Nail polish is much more than mere makeup, because it doubles as a wardrobe accessory, reflects our mood, changes with the seasons and can complete an entire look. For example the nudes, the pale pinks, French manicure and even red shades will match any type of outfit, a cocktail dress or a tracksuit.

Beauty products every woman should have in her clutch

Let’s take it back to basics. These are the products that will get you through your day-to-day life: a good quality primer, a trusty foundation, an all-round concealer, a finishing product like a powder or a highlighter, a great mascara and or course, a reliable lip product.